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Labrinth( Timothy Lee McKenzie )

Meanest Man


No matter where I've been, no better place than where I live
Sometimes we start again to show them why we first begin and oh oh

[Ed Sheeran]
I know it's been a long time so won't you say it again

Meanest Man up in my city [x4]
Ain't no time to sit around and look pretty

[Verse 1: Devlin]
Check my grin and and crooked smile, Son I'm still a crooked child
Murder any crocodile that's lurking in the river Nile
Maybe I should think a while, scrap that and think again
I'm thinking vile, I'll fuck your bird like Harry Styles
But I've been Dirty like Harry since I've been lurking in Daggy
But then I used my Ed in the Lab I Was 32,
I don't need you, like my boy Scissors let me slice you into slivers
Burn you I'm the boss, you're about to die Smithers
You must be Justin Timberlake I see you crying rivers
Tell me who's the sickest and realest, the science spitters
Stick my dick in Dianne Vickers, it's lucky I'm not religious
But now I'm fucking cross, I've got my adversaries touching cloth
Meanest MC you'll see or come across

[Verse 2: Labrinth]
Devlin I think I might just take it from here..
Call me a genius,
Who gives a bloody rats arse what I'm seen as
Maybe if you throw me a guitar and a beat
I can show you why these freshman don't dance with the seniors
Too many fake believers
Too many copycats trying to play Jesus
Too many followers pied piping they ain't leaders
I smell something fishy pull out a can of Febreeze, shit
And breathe in, you and me sin, ain't a saint see I know we're all evens
Honesty is a step closer to freedom
That's what I'll be even if that don't mean rich
So fuck all these fake popstars,
Even Nina Simone's saying that I go hard, come on
Yeah I go hard now


[Verse 3: Wretch 32]
My Wretchersise is everybody's insanity
What you call a casualty, I be causing casually
What you call a salary I used to cause a cavity
What you call rapping B I call it chatting rapidly
Got in tune with gravity, when they tried stabbing me
But dumb fools couldn't say a sentence on my scrabble street
I speake the truth and I live by it, I'm taking the piss, I'm on a shit diet
Bought a fast car to keep the kids quiet
Driving down memory lane I see mum crying
Six sirens, pigs flying officer violent wringing my neck
Tryna ask me for my Dad but I'm on silent,
Strong silence, suck your Mum trying

[Verse 4: Ed Sheeran]
I'm back with the next hit, I'm screaming out till you accept it
And written words should be corrected
I'm fucking dyslexic, a dirty flow over the beat,
Making it sound so sweet but septic
I'm bumping the fresh shit, with Lab, Devlin and now Wretch is
Making every fan get restless
A heavy heart hanging from my chest like a necklace
And yeah I've got papers but I don't tell the press shit.
You should expect this, I'm making a believer from sceptics
And no gift shop at the exit
Well this is a head trip, I spent a couple years in a bedsit
A cesspit but I don't forget this
Your lyrics hold no weight, they're anorexic
You better invest in an alphabetical breakfast
If you feel disrespected, that's just the way the words are collected,
Just giving you a little perspective, Now you know

[Bridge: Labrinth]
Just when they thought I couldn't cross the line
That's when I got here in the nick of time
Cuz who are they to say, That ain't fly as a motherfucker
No time for faded dreams, bring out the laser beams and say..

(Meanest Man up in my city, ain't no time to sit around and look pretty)